Sprints Signs Deal with Ericsson: Sprint Employees to become Ericsson Employees

first_imgCompanyCompany RatingCEOCEO Approval Rating (%)CEO DisapprovalRating (%) Glassdoor Report: Ericsson & Sprint Sprint2.8Dan Hesse 4823 Sprint Nextel Corp. has agreed to pay up to $5 billion the next seven years to TelTeLM Ericsson Telephone Co., turning over day-to-day operations of its network to the Swedish telecommunications company as Sprint looks to focus on new products and customer retention, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sprint commented that as a result of this deal about 6,000 Sprint employees will start performing their network functions as Ericsson employees sometime in the third quarter.Could this be a good thing for Sprint employees? Just 10% of Ericsson employees disapprove of the job CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg is doing compared to the nearly 25% of Sprint employees who disapprove of CEO Dan Hesse, so perhaps this switch could be a good thing in the long run. Ericsson3.3Carl-Henric Svanberg5510 Ericsson Employees“There is a lot of stress from work load due to downsizing and constantly changing processes. Competence training is available but little time to take advantage of it. There are advancement opportunities but cliches in mid-management leave little real opportunities. Jobs are usually filled by manager’s friends before job is posted.” – Ericsson Project Manager“Employees professionalism is average. There is no motivation when you are not working in a winning team. Employees opinions are not taking into consideration. Lack of management communication.” – Ericsson Anonymous“Ericsson is poised for leadership in its field. Capitalize on it, grow profitably but understand what resources are needed to do so.” – Ericsson Sales Director Below are just a few of the recent comments from Sprint employees in regards to what needs work at the company and  for those moving over to Ericsson, a few tips from employees on what to look out for:Sprint Employees“The company is focused on things that will not improve the company. Instead of setting up fly by night policies and focus on what customers really want, the company wouldn’t be in such a bad state. (new phones)” – Sprint Nextel Assistant Store Manager“Dan Hesse needs to be replaced as well as any individual that is in a leadership position that still has attitude issues towards legacySprint or Nextel. Try to actually do something innovative rather than saying something is when it isn’t (i.e. Simply Everything is Simply Old-Hat). Be a leader in the field instead of a follower.” Sprint Nextel Site Development Managerlast_img read more

Six Steps To Coping With A Tough Employee Performance Review

first_imgA lot of employee performance reviews are happening right now. We all know they’re coming, but no one looks forward to them with any enthusiasm. While the cardinal rule of performance appraisals should be: No Surprises, too often employees find themselves presented with a shockingly long list of grievances, shortcomings and transgressions, delivered by a shifty-eyed, sweating manager who either 1. Relishes this once-in-a-year chance to put you in your place, or, 2. Would rather be at the dentist and can’t wait for it to be over.So how do you handle tough criticism from your boss, especially if you weren’t expecting it or think it’s unjustified? How can you stay motivated when tough news hits?I advise employees to take a six-step approach: prepare, compartmentalize, listen, record, review and plan next steps. Let’s break it down step by step, and you’ll see that although we’re not listing ‘defend yourself’, there is ample opportunity to do just that. PrepareYour performance review is around the corner. You have a date. Arm yourself with a copy of your job description. Review it carefully against what you’ve accomplished in the review period. Have you met your goals? Write your accomplishments down, and note the ways in which they have helped your manager be successful and helped the company thrive. If you haven’t met your goals, know why and have an answer. Were you pulled off a task and given an emergency to manage? Did a colleague leave and you inherited their tasks without an adjustment to your job description? Make the list: what you did, what slipped and why, what changed and how you managed through the change. Make sure to note where your work benefitted the company.CompartmentalizeYou’ve done your prep: now it’s time to psych yourself up for the actual review. There’s nothing worse than trying to control your emotions when you’re vulnerable. So don’t. Here’s the trick: this is not about you, the wonderful, smart, multi-dimensional and lovable person. It’s about your performance against a job description. Compartmentalize your feelings and go into the review with your emotions locked down. Be clinical. Be an observer, a listener. There’s plenty of time for emotion after.ListenThis is the most important thing you should do. Listen to all that is said, not just the words but also the subtle body language of the reviewer. Since you’ve already compartmentalized your emotions, keep a neutral, open look on your face as you listen.RecordTake good notes. Cut and paste your job description into a document with a space under each goal for notes. If your responsibilities changed but the written goals didn’t, add a section to cover that, with dates.  Your manager should give you the review document; if they do, take notes on that as well.ReviewHere’s where the preparation, compartmentalization, note-taking and listening pay off. Review what you’ve heard from your manager right then, point by point. Here’s your opportunity to say (unemotionally) ‘In July my responsibilities increased, but my goals weren’t adjusted to reflect the change. Here’s how I managed that change, and here are the benefits to the company.’ Don’t argue; just get it on the record. Repeat the manager’s recommendations for improvements so both of you can acknowledge you’ve heard the message. If things are seriously out of whack, ask for a second meeting where you can present revised goals for the coming year.Plan next stepsAfter the review, take your notes and the manager’s recommendations and look at your job description. Where are the deltas? Revise your job description with two things in mind: creating goals with which you can be successful, and supporting your manager so he or she looks successful to upper management. Now is the time for the second meeting, where you can (un-emotionally) present a revised set of goals for the coming period, with rationale for the change.What if the news was so bad you’re verklempt?Say you were totally blindsided by the review. Maybe your manager was hostile in the delivery. Maybe it looks like there is no hope you can be successful in this organization. You have a couple of options: revise your resume and start looking, or dig in and seek motivation – not from external sources, but from within.Deciding it’s time to find a new position is not an admission of defeat or incompetence; it may just be time to move on in your career. Jobs change, organizations change, people change. Re-read the book “Who Moved My Cheese” (it will take 25 minutes) and think about the things that were good about your job, when and how it went sideways, and what you are best at. Then do two things: try as hard as you can to do a good job in the now while you look for the next career opportunity.Or you can decide to hang tight and take the challenge offered to you in the review. Take the revised set of goals and make sure your manager is on board. Then look for inspiration not from the organization, but from within: what are your strongest skills? Where is your value to the workplace? What are three things you can change right away to put yourself back on the path to success?Keep in mind that criticism is most often not about you the person; it’s about a set of expectations the organization has for someone doing a specific job. Criticism can be a powerful force for change and enlightenment, if you don’t personalize it.In my next post, we’ll talk about five steps you and your manager can take to make sure you’re in alignment throughout the year. Until then, please let us know what you think.last_img read more


first_img“Even in the loss we played well but in our last match “Even in the loss we played well but in our last match the team did not play to my expectation despite we holding possession and one mistake by our keeper cost us three points and I hope they do not make crucial mistakes that will cost us full points,” said NorthEast United coach Vingada said.”According to the situation that we are in, this is a crucial match for us. We started the league well but this is football. After a few games, even when we lost, we were performing well but in the last game we were not at the level that I expected,” Vingada added.”We are working hard to give another image of our team, so its important to win. Goa will be missing some players. As a coach, I want the best for NorthEast United. I want my team to beat the best with good football but I want all players to play for Goa, so also for my team. Some of my players cannot play due to injury and suspension,” added the North East United coach. PTI MCS NRB PDS ATK RDSlast_img read more

Diego Costa recovered, fit to play: Antonio Conte

first_imgChelsea manager Antonio Conte has confirmed that Spanish international Diego Costa has fully recovered from his injury and will be able to face Middlesbrough in their English Premier League (EPL) tie on Sunday.Costa fell from the Spain squad for the duels against Macedonia (4-0) and England (2-2) after suffering a bruise in the left groin, an injury sustained during Chelsea’s tie against Everton, reports Efe.”I have all the players available, they are in good form,” said the Italian coach on Friday in the Chelsea sports city of Cobham, southwest London.”Costa had a bit of an injury after the game against Everton. He started to train with us on Wednesday, his physical condition is good, there is also tomorrow (Saturday) to perfectly look at the situation,” he added.last_img read more

Delhi Half Marathon amidst high pollution

first_imgAs many as 34,000 professional and ordinary runners are participating in the Delhi half marathon this Sunday. But with pollution levels still hovering around the very poor mark, many are asking if the health benefits of running a marathon are being outweighed by health risks of running right now.Environmental activist Jai Dhar Gupta in fact filed a petition in the Supreme court on Friday to bring the issue to notice. After speaking to many parties associated with the event, like the organisers, Airtel and even Max Hospitals, who are the official medical partners of the race, Gupta felt their last resort was to file a petition even if too late in the day.In the event that organisers themselves didn’t see reason to postpone the event, he felt at least the court can ask authorities to issue proper advisories to warn delhiites.”This is personal to me. My lungs were compromised when I was training for a marathon three years ago. We want people to see that this is not corporate responsibility but corporate irresponsibility. Our city in under an environmental emergency and running a marathon right now can cause significant damage.”  Former media professional, Ravina Raj Kohli was a co-petitioner with Gupta and while they didn’t get a hearing, she says that just registering a protest of this sorts was important to make people understand the issue and they will continue to pursue it to ensure in future guidelines are set. “I felt people knew the hazards but were not listening. Heavy worded advisories that don’t even reach the people are not enough. The government can use it’s machinery to ensure people are made aware. People may think they are indulging in a healthy activity but this is not healthy right now.”advertisement”Small changes could have been done like doing away with the race for elderly and children. Like changing the time from 8 am, when levels are really poor, to something less dangerous like noon,” she added.On Friday itself though, the Delhi High court did ask the Delhi govt to actively issue an advisory on running in prevalent conditions while hearing a larger pollution crisis matter. The court noticed that levels are 4 times of prescribed standards.Friday average numbers of particulate matter 2.5 (155 gm-3) and 10 (318 gm-3) continued to be in the very poor to poor range. And that is the same forecast for the coming three days too, coinciding with the marathon. Exposure to fine particles can cause short-term health effects such as eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, coughing, sneezing, runny nose and shortness of breath. Exposure to fine particles can also affect lung function and worsen medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease.last_img read more

New Belgium role complicates Madrid interest in Martinez

first_imgReal Madrid are interested in Roberto Martinez as a potential replacement for Julen Lopetegui, but an upcoming promotion for the Belgium boss could make him difficult to land. Lopetegui is under fire as Madrid’s boss, with a run of poor results leaving him on the brink just months after taking over from Zinedine Zidane. Real Madrid have confirmed Lopetegui will be in charge for Sunday’s El Clasico showdown with Barcelona, but after that all bets are off.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Several potential replacements have already been mentioned, including former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte, Santiago Solari and Michael Laudrup.Goal understands that Madrid are also interested in former Everton boss and current Belgium manager Martinez, who led the Red Devils to a third-place finish at the 2018 World Cup. Martinez, however, may be tough to obtain for Madrid due to an upcoming promotion. Goal understands that as of November 1, Martinez will take over as Belgium’s technical director in addition to his coaching duties, with current technical director Chris Van Puyvelde set to take on a similar role with the Chinese FA.Martinez has given the Belgian FA his word that he will take on the new role, likely making it extra tough for Madrid to land him should they decide to make a move. Furthermore, Martinez signed a contract extension with Belgium in May, which will keep him in charge through Euro 2020. Though Madrid may have an interest in the Belgium manager, it appears that Martinez’s new double role will make him doubly difficult to pry away from the Red Devils.last_img read more

‘I called Sterling a ‘Manc c***’, not a ‘black c***”

first_imgA Chelsea fan accused of racially abusing Raheem Sterling has denied using racist language in his insults towards the Manchester City attacker.Colin Wing, 60, has admitted to berating Sterling during the Blues’ 2-0 victory, but insists that he called him a ‘Manc c***’ rather than a ‘black c***’.Wing, of Beckenham, South-East London, has had his season ticket suspended and has reportedly lost his job amid a joint investigation by Chelsea and the Met police. Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! If racial abuse is proven, Wing is likely to receive a lifetime ban from the club.Speaking about the accusations, as quoted in the Daily Mail, Wing said: “I’m deeply ashamed by my own behaviour and I feel really bad. But I didn’t call him a black c***, I called him a Manc c***.“I’ve been going to Chelsea for 50 years now and, because of where I sit, I’m picked up on the camera most weeks. If I had a history of saying this sort of thing I would’ve been caught by now.“Nobody around me said they heard anything. I want to apologise unreservedly to Raheem and hope he can be a better man than I am by accepting it.“I offer him an unreserved apology. Even if it wasn’t racist, it’s not right what I said. Even the swearing is bad – but I got carried away. “I was completely out of order, but I’ve lost my job and my season ticket now so everybody’s got what they wanted. So why can’t they leave me alone?”Police spoke to Wing twice on Saturday, and are expected to do so again on Tuesday.A spokesperson from Scotland Yard said: “Police continue to investigate an incident where is it is claimed racial abuse was directed at a player during the Chelsea v Manchester City game at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. “Officers continue to review footage and CCTV to determine whether any offences have been committed. “Officers are in possession of the details of those reportedly involved – there have been no arrests at this time. “The Met continues to work with both clubs and a number of enquiries are ongoing.”Sterling himself has since spoken about the incident, while the England international has been offered support by a multitude of famous names within football, including Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Gary Neville, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and former England international John Barnes. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Uribe injury gives Cruz Azul edge in Liga MX final

first_imgWas it his knee? His ankle? Both?Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. Mateus Uribe had to leave the field in the 57th minute and immediately was taken out of the stadium. First it looked like he was heading for the ambulance, later he ended up leaving in a private car. Either way, he was off to the hospital. Initial reports indicated he would miss the second leg. After an early-morning return to the America hotel and evaluation by doctors, there now is hope he could suit up. Yet it’s fair to say Uribe won’t be at his best Sunday if he sees the field at all.That’s why despite a scoreless draw in the first leg, the balance of the series has shifted in favor of Cruz Azul. It will be their fans filling the Estadio Azteca with the advantage of facing an America that needs to score without its best provider.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Uribe has spent most of his America career as a two-way midfielder, but manager Miguel Herrera has tried him out in an even more advanced role on a number of occasions. He inserted Joe Corona into the lineup next to Guido Rodriguez to move Uribe farther forward and allow him to add to his seven assists on the season. But from the sixth minute on, Cruz Azul had America in check.We knew something would have to give between the league’s highest-scoring attack and the stingiest defense. It turned out to be Cruz Azul’s back line, with Pedro Caixinha gambling on pushing Julio Cesar Dominguez out to the right back spot and bringing Igor Lichnovsky into the starting XI next to Pablo Aguilar.There were some nervous moments from Lichnovsky, including a potential penalty during a clash with Bruno Valdez in the early going and several passes that bounced along the less-than-pristine pitch.It could’ve been a worse first leg for Las Aguilas. Edgar Mendez was in late, bursting forward with a second wind in the 94th minute only to smash his shot off the crossbar and guarantee everything would be in the balance in the second leg.¡NO M…ÉNDEZ 🤦‍♂️!ERA EL GOL DE LA VENTAJA. EL QUE DEJABA TRANQUILOS A LOS CEMENTEROS PARA LA VUELTA. Y EL TRAVESAÑO… EL TRAVESAÑO… pic.twitter.com/Spx5ho9kM1— Univision Deportes (@UnivisionSports) December 14, 2018There also was leading scorer Valdez, a defender, appearing to throw a punch at Lichnovsky in the second half. Perhaps referee Fernando Guerrero and the Video Assistant Referee booth let that one go after the sixth-minute incident. But Valdez was lucky to stay on the pitch, and America is even luckier that he’ll be on the field in the second leg. Uribe will probaly not, and forward Roger Martinez probably will not either after he left the match in the 80th minute with an injury of his own.America is a deep team, so there are other options for Herrera. Martinez can be replaced in a straight swap with veteran Oribe Peralta, while Cecilio Dominguez can come into the XI and allow Diego Lainez to play in the center where Uribe had occupied the space. That could be a lot to ask of the 18-year-old, though, especially after he was kept quiet by Cruz Azul.There’s everything to play for in the second leg. We knew it would be a closed first leg between these two teams, and we know it would look better for one team after tonight’s match. It looks better for Cruz Azul, even if Caixinha doesn’t want to hear that or let his players think that.”I think our biggest work has been humility, the humility to be able to respect our opponents and know them deeply,” he said after the match. “We never can let ourselves get distracted. We’re focused on what we have, how the match will go and what we’re going to do in the game. We’re only interested in one thing: Winning.”That’s much more likely now, with Uribe likely out, with Martinez likely out and with Cruz Azul coming off another game in which it was able to keep its opponent in check and get a clean sheet.last_img read more

Twellman: ‘Barbaric’ concussion treatment has got to evolve

first_imgTaylor Twellman, a former United States international and now an analyst for ESPN, had his career cut short due to the effects of repeated concussive blows during his playing days in MLS. He has long been a campaigner for better awareness around the issue of concussions in football through his ThinkTaylor Foundation but admits to being disappointed at what he sees as the issue’s low priority within FIFA.He watched the World Cup last summer which featured many examples of potentially concussive blows being treated in a less than exemplary manner, such as Ragnar Sigurdsson for Iceland and Blaise Matuidi for France in the semi-finals against Belgium. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! The worst of all, however, was Nordin Amrabat, who was knocked out playing for Morocco against Iran but was back in the team to play Portugal just five days later.FIFA’s concussion protocol dictates that the player should have been rested for at least six days.“You got people slapping his face and splashing him with water,” Twellman tells Goal. “I thought I was watching a coloured video from 1948. It was one of the most barbaric things I’d ever seen.“In 2014 I was flabbergasted. In 2018 I was sick. What is the point of having research and science and evidence if you’re just going to turn a blind eye? That’s ultimately what FIFA has done.“As much criticism as the NFL and the NHL get in the United States, and rightfully so, they have brought more attention to it than FIFA ever has.“There’s going to be research that comes out continuously, that’s going to change certain things. At least be proactive and not reactive. The sad thing is FIFA is not even reactive.”Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Nordin Amrabat Morocco World Cup 2018Twellman is still dismayed by the manner in which potential traumatic brain injuries are handled in football but now sees reason for optimism thanks to a “game-changing” device which can help diagnose concussions in under a minute.SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC device uses virtual reality to conduct an ocular movement assessment on a person who may have suffered a concussive blow. It assesses abnormal eye movement, a common occurrence after a concussion.“I’ve spoken to 30 or so athletes that have used this technology on the side line in an NFL game or a soccer game, and they all spoke very highly of it,” Twellman says.“When you look at the sport of soccer, which exponentially can change and give us data, it can only move the meter on how to really rehabilitate head injuries.“Ultimately, that’s where the conversation needs to go. Often, we talk about prevention but concussions aren’t going anywhere. It’s what are you going to do when you get one. How do you treat it?“I honestly believe that this EYE-SYNC technology is going to help us get to that point a little bit faster than the way we are going right now.”A person with suspected concussion wears the virtual reality headgear over the eyes. A light then rotates clockwise in a circle. The device measures whether or not the eyes are accurately following the light. And within 60 seconds the device can produce a chart to let a medic know if the eyes were accurately tracking the light.“I run a foundation that over the last six or seven years has spoken to tens of thousands of athletes,” Twellman says. “Regarding concussions and post-concussion symptoms, all of us has a common denominator, there is something off with our vision. There is something off with our eye tracking.”Blaise Matuidi France Eden Hazard BelgiumBy giving medics an objective measurement, Twellman believes that the decision to rule a player out or to allow him to keep going will be made all the easier.Part of the problem, Twellman feels, is that concussion assessment is subjective, with the decision on whether or not a player resumes play not always left in the hands of a team’s medics. It’s often a coach or a player himself who decides to play on.And a coach isn’t always convinced to use one of his three substitutes on what could turn out to be a false alarm.“For me the biggest issue in football is that you only have three subs,” he says. “Until FIFA really addresses it and actually is proactive about the situation you are going to have to find a way to help all these medical professionals find answers.“The problem with the injury is so many decisions are made which are subjective. This is an objective measurement. I tell people all the time, if you hurt your knee you get an MRI. This is a thermometer, so to speak, for your brain. The more medical professionals I’ve put this in front of, I haven’t heard anything negative from it yet.”“It shows you something is off here,” he continues. “We have to take you out of the game. The problem right now when it’s subjective and an athlete is concussed, he or she doesn’t really know what they are doing or what they are saying.“Because they also have adrenaline running through their body and they are not making an educated decision, thus all the pressure is on the medical professional, but that’s still subjective.“When you provide an objective measurement of something, it says to that athlete, and what I hear from all the athletes who have used the product in real time, it gave them objectivity.“That’s what this needs to get to, and that’s where it needs to evolve.”Twellman says he has been approached by dozens of companies since his retirement to put his name to a product but that this is the first time he has been convinced to give his endorsement. He now sits on the SyncThink advisory board.Taylor Twellman Barack Obama“I’ve probably been approached by 100 or so companies to represent them but this is the first time I will be on the advisory board for something involving concussions,” he says. “I think the technology speaks for itself.”The effectiveness of the product’s early trials have been successful with usage in the NFL as well as with the NBA’s reigning champions, the Golden State Warriors.“The NFL medical professionals and their board have seen it and are excited about it,” says Twellman. “The Golden State Warriors are actually using the product right now. There are so many things you can measure through the eyes, fatigue is one of those, they’ve implemented it. It’s a game changer.”He is now hoping that FIFA as well as other governing bodies will be convinced to pick up the EYE-SYNC device in order to better treat potential brain injuries in football. Otherwise he fears it will take something drastic to happen before FIFA champions the cause. FIFA’s current concussion protocol is by guideline only as no law exists in the FIFA code to govern action. “It’s going to take someone dying on the field for FIFA to actually do something,” he says. “Quite honestly, I’m not sure they’d even do something on that.“The protocol is one thing. But the paper it’s written on is worth more than the protocol if you do nothing about that protocol.“That is the biggest discussion that goes on in the world of soccer. If you’re finding instances all the time on the protocol not being followed – especially in the World Cup tournament – then what’s the point?”“If you had a head injury substitution rule, then you don’t need the independent doctor. You can take all that pressure away from the manager.“This isn’t a substitute, this is an add on. It’s in order to enhance that medical professional’s diagnosis. That athletic trainer knows that player better than any device. It’s a necessary add on.“It’s a very quick way to assess eye movement and that ocular movement of traumatic brain injury.”Taylor TwellmanTwellman points to Alan Shearer’s recent documentary linking football to dementia and the Premier League’s current Birmingham concussion study as evidence that players are becoming increasingly concerned about the long-term ramifications for their health.“The awareness is finally hitting England,” he says. “Alan Shearer did a wonderful documentary and he brought awareness to it. This tells me players have questions and they want answers.“They are going to take matters into their hands to find those answers. No matter what the test is, the players can drive this motive, of finding answers, of changing the sport and evolving.“You can evolve and still keep the sport. Right now, with the way the injury is handled within the sport, the evolution is at a snail’s pace and it should be a little bit faster.”last_img read more

Australian fast bowler Joe Mennie suffers skull fracture after nasty blow

first_imgPace bowler Joe Mennie has suffered a fractured skull and some bleeding into his brain after being hit on the head by a ball during training but he does not require surgery, Cricket Australia (CA) said on Wednesday. (Latest Cricket stories)The 28-year-old was struck by a ball hit by Sydney Sixers teammate Michael Lumb in the nets on Monday ahead of their Big Bash semi-final against Brisbane, which takes place later on Wednesday.”After being struck on the head by a ball at training on Monday, Joe was transported to a hospital in Brisbane where he underwent a series of check-ups before being discharged later that evening,” CA’s Chief Medical Officer John Orchard said in a statement.”Joe was reviewed by a Cricket Australia doctor on Tuesday and had some scans performed that revealed a small fracture and associated minor brain bleed.”Whilst this is a serious injury, Joe is feeling well. We believe that this is a stable injury and will not require surgery.”Mennie, who made his Test debut for Australia against South Africa last November, remained in hospital under the care of a neurosurgeon for observation, Orchard added.last_img read more

ODonnell denies taking up India U-17 job, leaving for home

first_imgNew Delhi, Jan 28 (PTI) All India Football Federations Technical Director Scott ODonnell today categorically said that hes not taking up any job with the AIFF and is leaving for home next month. Australian ODonnell, who is serving a three-month notice period to step down from his current job, denied reports that he may take over as head coach of India Under-17 World Cup team with the AIFF set to sack incumbent Nicolai Adam against whom the players have revolted. “My three-month notice period to step down as technical director ends next month and I am leaving for home when it (notice period) ends. My five-year association with Indian football is ending mid next month,” ODonnell, whose notice period began in mid November, told PTI today. “I want to clarify that I am not in the race to take up any other job with the AIFF. I have enjoyed my stint in India and with the AIFF. I want to be with my family now and so due to personal reasons I am leaving this job of AIFF technical director,” he said. ODonnell was today at the Ambedkar Stadium here along with the Under-17 World Cup squad, watching a match of the newly-launched Indian Womens League between Eastern Sporting Union of Manipur and Jeppiaar Institute of Technology FC of Puducherry. Asked why he was at the stadium here with the Under-17 boys, he said, “Myself being here with the boys, nothing should be read into this. They are here in Delhi and they want to enjoy a game of football. So, I am sitting with them here.” Asked what kind of job he would take up in Australia, he said, “Its a kind of similar job though on a smaller scale. I will be associated with Canberra provincial association in a similar capacity which I am currently having with the AIFF.” Meanwhile, the Indian Under-17 World Cup football teams training camp, which is to resume from February 1 in Goa, is likely to be delayed due to the ongoing controversy involving head coach Nicolai, affecting its preparations for the mega event later this year. Sources told PTI that the players, who are currently in the national capital, have not been given any directions to proceed to Goa. The boys are still here after meeting AIFF President Praful Patel on Tuesday while Nicolai is in Goa, the venue for the training camp. In a meeting on Tuesday, at Patels residence, Nicolai was told by the AIFF boss to quit or be sacked after several boys complained through a letter that they have been “physically abused” by the coach and his assistant Etibar Nizami Ibrahimov on more than one occasion. According to a well-placed source, some of the boys were considering leaving for their homes in the absence of any clear directive from the AIFF on what they should do now. According to the earlier schedule, they were to proceed to Goa after the tournament in Russia to resume the national camp from February 1. It has also been learnt that many among these 21 boys are not willing to continue training under Nicolai and they have indicated this to former India captains Bhaichung Bhutia and Renedy Singh when the duo interacted with the players after this controversy broke out. PTI PDS AH AHadvertisementlast_img read more

Immediate priority of task force for next 3 Olympics in 2020

first_imgNew Delhi, Feb 3 (PTI) The task force constituted by the Sports Ministry to prepare for the next three Olympic Games today met here for the first time and unanimously decided that an action plan for the 2020 Tokyo Games would be the panels immediate priority. The responsibility of the immediate goal, i.e., to prepare an action plan for Tokyo Olympics has been entrusted to the three sportspersons in the panel — lone Olympic individual gold medallist Abhinav Bindra, national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand and former India hockey captain Viren Rasquinha. “We met today for the first time and discussed various processes and protocols on how to get things done within the timeframe. We decided that our first focus is 2020 Tokyo Olympics and myself, Gopi (Gopichand) and Abhinav are in charge of that,” Rasquinha, who is a member of the panel, told PTI. The setting up of the task force was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi just days after the end of the Rio Olympics, where India won just two medals, in order to help plan for the “effective participation” of Indian sportspersons in the next three Olympics ? in 2020, 2024 and 2028. Bindra, Gopichand and Rasquinha were the only three former sportspersons named in the task force. The other five members of the task force are School Sports Promotion Board head Om Pathak, hockey coach S Baldev Singh, who runs an academy in Shahabad, G L Khanna (Professor and Dean of Exercise and Physiology at Manav Rachna International University at Faridabad), journalist Rajesh Kalra and Sports Authority of Gujarat Director General Sandeep Pradhan. “Mr. Pradhan, Om Pathak and Baldev Singh will be in charge for 2024 and 2028 Olympics. Rajesh Kalra and G L Khanna will be helping both the sub-committees. But our first priority is 2020,” said Rasquinha, who has also been named as the spokesperson of the committee. “Me, Abhinav and Gopi will help the other committee once we finish our immediate job of preparing a plan for 2020 Olympics.” Rasquinha, who is also the CEO of Olympics Gold Quest, said the panel has decided to engage national and international experts and also appoint two research professionals. “We will call national and international experts for their feedback and will also be appointing two research personal to help us,” he said. “We will also be engaging with National Sports Federations (NSFs) and other key stakeholders.” The next meeting of the task force is scheduled for February 19 at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) here. PTI SSC PM KHSadvertisementlast_img read more

Champions League: Whirlwind Bayern Munich rout sorry Arsenal

first_imgBayern Munich crushed Arsenal 5-1 in their Champions League round of 16 first leg on Wednesday, scoring three goals in a dazzling 10-minute spell in the second half to extend their record to 16 consecutive home wins in the competition.Thiago Alcantara struck twice and Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski and substitute Thomas Mueller were also on target as the Bavarians inflicted Arsenal’s first defeat of the season in Europe’s premier club competition. (Also read: Champions League: Regal Real Marid fight back to beat Napoli 3-1)Alexis Sanchez had equalised for the visitors, scoring on the rebound after Manuel Neuer saved his 30th-minute penalty but the Gunners suffered when captain Laurent Koscielny limped off injured to leave the defence exposed.”We should score in London but it is a good starting position,” said Bayern captain Philipp Lahm, who will miss the return leg through suspension. “It should be enough for us to go through. (Also read: Champions League: Birthday boy Angel Di Maria celebrates as Paris Saint-Germain thrash Barcelona)”We played very good until the penalty and then the second half was sensational.”Robben said Bayern had proved their recovery from a recent dip in form.”If this was not an answer, then I don’t know. I am a bit surprised by the score but it is the Bayern mentality. When it matters we are always there,” Robben added.Bayern, who knocked out Arsenal at this stage of the competition in 2005, 2013 and 2014, got off to a perfect start when Robben curled an unstoppable trademark left-foot shot into the top corner of David Ospina’s goal.advertisementArsenal levelled after being awarded a penalty for a handball by Lewandowski and Sanchez hooked home on the rebound after Neuer saved his spot-kick.The game looked to have lost its pace early in the second half before Bayern stepped on the gas to fire three goals past the English side who collapsed when Koscielny went off injured in the 49th minute.Lahm floated a perfect cross into the box and Lewandowski rose high above defender Shkodran Mustafi to drill in a header in the 53rd minute.The Poland striker set up Thiago with a perfect flick for Bayern’s third goal three minutes later and the Spaniard grabbed his second with a low drive before substitute Mueller completed the rout two minutes from time.The English team are on course for a seventh last-16 exit in a row as Bayern close on a sixth successive quarter-final appearance.The sides meet in the second leg in London on March 7.last_img read more

Delray Beach Open: Milos Raonic overcomes Juan Martin Del Potro in Florida, meets Jack Sock in final

first_imgWorld number four Milos Raonic of Canada overcame a battling Juan Martin del Potro 6-3 7-6(6) on Saturday to set up a Delray Beach Open final against American Jack Sock.Sock defeated compatriot Donald Young 6-4, 7-6(2) to reach his second ATP World Tour final of the season but the 24-year-old world number 21 will have to produce his very best to stand any chance against Raonic’s powerful serve.The Canadian produced 17 blistering aces in the win over Del Potro, taking early control of the contest in Florida when he broke for a 4-2 lead in the first set after the Argentine went long on a backhand.Raonic held serve comfortably to win the first set 6-3 but he faced a sterner test in the second set with Del Potro delivering some quality forehand winners.The 26-year-old Raonic, runner-up at Wimbledon last year, broke to go 6-5 up in the second, only for Del Potro to break back immediately with a superb two-handed return down the line.Raonic had earlier double-faulted at 30-15 when he was within two points of the match.The Canadian double-faulted again in the tiebreaker, this time at 5-4 up, but he held firm and won the contest with a trademark ace.Raonic has beaten Sock eight times in 10 meetings but the American prevailed in their most recent match at the Shanghai Masters in October.last_img read more

Honor 8 Pro with 12-MP dual-rear cameras, 5.7-inch display announced

first_imgIn the past few years, Huawei has gained wide popularity with the smartphones the company announced under its sub-brand – Honor, especially, with the Honor 6X and Honor 8. Well, looks like another Honor device is already here to stir the smartphone space once again with the successor of Honor 8, the Honor 8 Pro .Huawei on Wednesday silently announced the Honor 8 Pro.The smartphone was seen listed on Huawei’s Russian website, reports GizmoChina. Huawei announced the Honor 8 Pro only in the Russian market for now, however, and the device is expected to hit other shores very soon. Well, not sure about the date yet. To recall, just a few days ago Huawei unveiled the Honor V9 in China.Almost all Honor devices have always come with the best-in-class camera setups, and the newly announced Honor 8 Pro is no exception. This being said, Honor 8 Pro comes with 12-megapixel dual-rear cameras and fits 8-megapixel selfie shooter at the front. The smartphone also supports 4K recording at 30 frames per second.Also Read: As it happened: Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ with infinity screen launched, sale from April 21Huawei Honor 8 Pro sports a 5.7-inch QHD display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Under the hood, the Honor device is powered by Huawei’s in-house Kirin 960 octa-core processor. Running on Android 7.0 Nougat, the smartphone further comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which can be further expanded up to 128GB via microSD card.Honor 8 Pro is backed by a decent a 3900mAh battery. On the connectivity front, the smartphone comes with a wide range of options like – 4G support, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.2, dual-SIM, and an infrared sensor. No details about the price and availability of the Huawei Honor 8 Pro have been revealed.advertisementlast_img read more

Bayern star Alaba unfazed by Salah threat

first_imgBayern Munich defender David Alaba is unfazed by the threat Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is about to pose him, with the Austrian having previously faced the likes of Paris Saint-Germain’s World Cup-winning striker Kylian Mbappe.A heavyweight Champions League last-16 encounter is fast approaching, with Bayern due at Anfield on Tuesday.Jurgen Klopp’s hosts will be looking to make the most of home field advantage when they welcome the Bundesliga title holders to Merseyside. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Salah, who has another 20 goals to his name this season, will be among those looking to make a telling contribution in a crunch continental clash.It is likely that, as he operates in a wide attacking role, he will come up against Alaba at some stage.Bayern’s Austria international is aware that he faces a tough evening against one of the best players on the planet, but believes he has the experience to contain the pace and trickery of an Egyptian foe.“Salah’s one of the best players in the world,” Alaba told Bild.“He’s fast, but I’ve played against other fast players such as Mbappe. I know from experience that it is crucial that I use my strengths.”David Alaba Bayern 2018Alaba added on the challenge facing Bayern against the Premier League title hopefuls: “It definitely will not be an easy game. But, of course, we believe in ourselves because we know our strength.“We are Bayern Munich and we don’t have to hide from any opponent!“We will give everything to emerge from the duel successfully in the end.”Alaba has the backing of Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in his impending battle with Salah.The 26-year-old is considered to be one of the finest full-backs around and is expected to have enough in his locker to prevent one of Liverpool’s star men from dominating proceedings.Rummenigge said: “That will undoubtedly be a key duel.“I have total confidence in David, he is one of the world’s best left-sided defenders. I believe he can and will manage to control Salah.”Liverpool are currently resting up ahead of a meeting with Bayern, having already exited the FA Cup, but the German giants have one more outing to come – against Augsburg on Friday – before their attention turns to European matters. Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

‘A very very big art show’: 5 museums launch Art Everywhere

first_imgWhen was the last time you visited a great work of art? (Not saw it on your computer screen or in a book?)As creative freelancers, many of us thrive on this kind of visual creative stimulation — and, as it turns out, our mental and physical health improves from looking at art, too. Unfortunately for most of us, great art is out of sight, out of mind.This summer, major outdoor advertising networks have partnered with 5 national museums to put 50 works of American art on billboards and outdoor ads across the country. The project, called Art Everywhere US, is sponsored by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research & Education. The organization is also attempting to revive interest in a slowly dying ad medium.It may come as little surprise to you that the outdoor advertising business is struggling. The ad sales for billboards, bus stop banners, and subway posters — seen as passé mediums in an increasingly digital world — have fallen 1.6 percent every year for the past 5 years, according to an article in The New York Times today.The participating museums — LACMA, Art Insitute Chicago, The Whitney, Dallas Museum of Art, and National Gallery of Art in D.C. — have submitted 100 works of art, and now the works will be put up to a vote on ArtEverywhereUS.org to determine the 50 winners. (You can vote here.)“Art Everywhere puts marvelously diverse American ideas and stories told through images in the open air with public involvement — reminding us of the many more great images that are accessible in our museums,” LACMA Director Michael Govan said in the LA Times.Freelancers, what do you think about this project?last_img read more

Who’s your freelance buddy?

first_imgHave you ever seen a group of kids on a field trip? As teens, they’re too busy texting and flirting to have any distinct physical formation. As toddlers, they’re often leashed in some way, holding onto strings like some kind of pint-sized, hairless-team of huskies. But there’s a magical time, from the ages of about 5-11, when you’ll see perfect pairs of school kids lined up – each kid accompanied by his/her buddy.As any primary school student will tell you, buddies are good. They help you to find your way, prevent you from getting lost, and alert you as to any missed signals. They give a sense of security and companionship in the wide, fierce world.Hear me, O Freelancer; all freelancers should have a buddy.Freelancing is often solitary work, and there’s nothing wrong with that!There’s something deeply satisfying about retreating into a warm, urban hermit cave and emerging ten hours later, project completed.Almost everyone – even the most blazing extroverts imaginable – can benefit from focused time alone with their thoughts.But almost all freelancers can also use a buddy – a second pair of eyes on important projects, a catcher of typos, an editor, a sounding board, an advisor.A buddy can be as formal as a collaborator or an assistant, or as informal as a friend with free time. Buddies can help with huge, titanic projects – providing support and feedback along the way – or provide insight on teensy micro-tasks (I like to enlist a second opinion whenever I’m sending a high-stakes email).Sometimes this is a reciprocal process. I know a pair of filmmakers who regularly meet up to look over each other’s work.And sometimes it’s one-sided. Another friend runs almost every press release by her husband first; he works in a completely different field, but she finds the outside perspective helpful.Many freelancers in my circle regularly send unfinished projects to their romantic partners, just to get feedback. Others have found like-minded souls at work, in groups, or even online.All of the freelancers I informally surveyed spoke of their buddies with not only gratitude, but also downright relief: “I couldn’t do it without him/her” is a common refrain.Join the Union (it’s free!)Become a memberSo, how to find a buddy of your own?Start seeking out people whose opinions you respect: friends with critical eyes, sensitive souls who speak the truth, or tactful sorts who know their way around a constructive phrase.Find people inside and outside of your industry who can give you support. Be sure to lure them in in the most honorable way possible – by giving them YOUR support, and asking respectfully for their feedback.Even if you can’t formally reciprocate, offer to return the favor in small thank-you gestures: a meal, a bottle of wine, or an exchange of services. Respect their time (don’t inundate them with requests), but don’t be afraid to ask for help…… the universe is a lot more friendly with a buddy.Need a buddy? Find one in our Hives discussion groups where freelancers can connect with other freelancers.Kate Hamill lives and works in New York City, where she consumes an inordinate amount of Sriracha daily. You can catch up with her on Twitter at @katerone.last_img read more

Virat Kohli gives everything you want on the field: Kuldeep Yadav

first_imgIndia leg-spinner Kuldeep Yadav can’t stop raving about skipper Virat Kohli and describes him as an inspirational leader, who provides tremendous support and freedom to bowlers.India completed a tour sweep yesterday after beating Sri Lanka in the one-off T20I by six wickets. The visitors had won the Test series 3-0 and the ODI series 5-0. “Virat is a leader. He gives you everything you want on the field. When I am bowling, he comes to me and asks what field I want. That’s what bowlers want to hear and he gives bowlers freedom,” Yadav said.”He has given me tremendous support through the Test series, the ODIs and now too. So I am very happy with this kind of team unity as well as the leader.”The 22-year-old from Kanpur said Kohli’s dedication on field is an inspiration for all the players.”He leads from the front with both the bat and even in fielding also. Wherever he is fielding, he gives it his all.So it is a motivation in itself seeing him on the field, or whether he is training in the nets,” he said.”Looking at him, if we can improve our fielding even by one percent, that will be good. He talks to younger players about what he wants from them and what we need from the team,” he added.Yadav got few chances on this tour, playing in the third Test at Pallekele as substitute for the suspended Ravindra Jadeja. Then he was rested for the first three ODIs as the team management followed a policy of rotation. He featured in the last two matches before the lone T20 game.advertisement”Till now it has been very challenging for me as well but I am very happy with my performance. I got the chance in the last Test match to perform well. In ODIs, I played the last two matches and performed well. I think I did well in the T20 too,” he said.”As a player you have to perform in every game. It’s a pressure game. Everyone has to contribute especially when the captain and coach decide to rotate players. I am very happy with the policy, and you have to give credit to captain and coach because the World Cup is coming so they wanted to try out everyone,” said Yadav.Reuters Photo He paired up with fellow leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal in the final ODI and then again in the T20, and the duo changed the course of the game yesterday by picking up five wickets between them.”It was good bowling with him. If two leg spinners are playing then there is more opportunity to take wickets. In this match we took five wickets together,” Yadav said.”So if two leg spinners are playing more chances come to take wickets if you bowl in partnerships. And it is also difficult for the batting side to score runs.”India will be playing Australia next, followed by New Zealand, and both series have more T20s as the BCCI has looked to increase the frequency of matches in the shortest format.”If you play three or four games like a series, it is good for the team. It is perhaps good for the opposition as well.”We are looking forward to the next series and we know Australia is coming. We have three T20s against them as well as New Zealand. I am very happy that the BCCI has decided to increase number of T20 matches,” Yadav signed off.last_img read more